2017 Management Plan Update

May 3rd, 2018 | 6:34pm EST
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The 1988 Legislation (NYS Environmental Conservation Law, Article 46) which established the Albany Pine Bush Preserve and the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, requires that the Preserve Management Plan be reviewed and, if necessary, updated every five years. The 2010 Management Plan/FEIS consolidates and updates all earlier Preserve management plans. This document incorporates new data and experience gained by the Commission and further refines information in the former plans with the best currently available information; appendices to the Plan include a: Pine Barrens Viability Assessment, Fire Management Plan, Karner Blue Butterfly Recovery Plan, Invasive Species Management Plan, Education and Outreach Plan, and Recreation Plan.

You can view and download the entire document at the bottom of this page. Idividual parts of the document are also listed below if you would like to view or download them separately.

2017 Management Plan Update
Figure 1 – Management Plan Regional Location
Figure 2 – Management Plan Land Use Change
Figure 3 – Management Plan Ecological Communities
Figure 4 – Management Plan Wetlands
Figure 5 – Management Plan Smoke Sensitive Areas
Figure 6 – Management Plan Trails
Figure 7 – Management Plan Natural Resource Mgmt
Figure 8 – Management Plan 2017 Vision
App A Environmental Conservation Law Article 46
App B APB Pine Barrens Viability Assessment
App C Fire_Management_Plan
App D APB Karner blue butterfly Recovery Plan
App E APB Invasive & Overabundant Species Plan
App F Education and Outreach PLAN
App G APB Resource Protection & Visitor Experience Plan
App H APB Research, Inventory and Monitoring Plan
App I 6NYCRR Part 648 Public Use of the APBP Rules and Regulations
App J SEQRA documentation


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