From guided programs to interpretive exhibits and literature, the Albany Pine Bush Preserve offers many avenues for visitors, scholars and institutions to engage with us and learn.


“Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection.”

–Freedman Tilden

Our education work

Many of the things that make the preserve special—rare insects, bird diversity and human history, to name a few—could easily go unnoticed by visitors if not for the programming, exhibits, signage and literature offered through the Discovery Center and along preserve trails. We believe that environmental education and interpretation enhance public enjoyment and understanding of this natural treasure. 

Children with snowshoes on hiking through the preserve as part of a program.

Education programs

Our programming and online and printed educational materials offer science-based information on many aspects of the preserve. We appreciate the important role emotional connections to place play in conservation and learning, and strive to incorporate reflection, curiosity and hands-on engagement in our educational programs. We offer programs appropriate for audiences of various ages and abilities.



Inside the Discovery Center. There are photographs, signs, and models, including a large model of a pitch pine tree suspended from the ceiling beneath skylights.

Interpretive exhibits

The Discovery Center is a great place to learn about the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Our interpretive exhibits make the geology, ecology and human history of this landscape accessible to all ages.


Research publications

We publish our research findings in peer-reviewed journals and news outlets.


Click here to view a periodically updated list of research publications related to the preserve 



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