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Hunting, fishing and trapping are recreational activities that are carefully regulated in the preserve and across NYS. Opportunities abound during the popular fall and winter white tailed deer seasons and the spring and fall wild turkey seasons. Fishing is more limited because there is not much surface water in the preserve. Trapping is also allowed for those who enjoy this activity. All sports people should be careful to follow all relevant APBP and NYSDEC rules and regulations.

Hunting Areas Map

Download the map of current specific fishing, hunting, trapping areas in the preserve.

Before you head out check this interactive map for temporary trail and area closures.


In a life threatening emergency call 911.

Contact a NYS Forest Rangers at 833-697-7264 (833-NYS-RANGERS) for enforcement or APBP Stewardship Director Joel Hecht 518-456-0655 for general questions.

For wildlife related questions, contact DEC Wildlife Biologists 518-357-2355.