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Globally Rare

Globally Rare
The Discovery Center is open*:
Monday - Friday
9am - 4pm
Saturday - Sunday
10am - 4pm
*The Discovery Center is closed on Thanksgiving, December 24, December 25 and January 1.

Directions to APB
Discovery Center

From I-87 take exit 2W (Rt 5 West, Central Avenue). Follow Rt 5 for about 2 miles then turn left onto Rt 155 (New Karner Rd). Continue on Rt 155 for about 1.2 miles. The Discovery Center is located on the left at 195 New Karner Road.


The preserve contains nearly 20 miles of official marked, multiple-use trails. Most trails are considered easy to moderate and vary from wide open sandy trails to narrow, grassy woodland passages. The topography is generally flat with gradual slopes up and down the natural sand dunes.

In the spring, summer and fall the Pine Bush can be very hot and dry. Remember to bring your drinking water and sunscreen. In the winter trails can get icy. Snowshoes or cramp-ons are a good idea at these times.


The preserve is open
year round, 24/7

Download trailmaps


Become part of a community of friends that protect the unique habitat at the Albany Pine Bush. Friends of the Pine Bush Community help people get out to enjoy nature and seize opportunities to participate in local learning and scientific research.

MORE info about joining and donating Click here


I truly love to connect people with the world around them.

Jackie Citriniti MEET THE TEAM

Nationally Significant

Nationally Significant

Growing the Preserve

Experience the magic of spring!
Join us for a month-long celebration in May.
Click here for details.

Locally Distinct

Locally Distinct

Look Closer


Inland Barrens Buckmoth
Inland Barrens Buckmoth
Eastern hognose
Eastern hognose
Prairie warbler
Prairie warbler