These are the alerts you need to know

Visit this page regularly for updates.

Plan your visit with these activities and closures in mind and, for your own safety and visitor experience, please obey the area closed signs that are placed on the trails and at trailheads.


Preserve Management: Tree Thinning

More future pine barrens are on the way! Our contractor will be starting tree thinning work on January 17, 2024.  Surrounded by Kings Rd, Morris Rd and Curry Rd Extension (see map), these 45 acres will be stumped and planted this coming spring. No trail closures in this area although the 45 acres are temporarily CLOSED to all public use. 

Click here if you need a mobile friendly version of our trailmap.

Please contact Stewardship Director, Joel Hecht with any questions or concerns. 518-456-0655 or 

Invasive Tree Removal: Preserve Area Closure

Invasive tree removal on 38 acres will be happening at the Kings Highway Barrens. The entire area is temporarily CLOSED, including the red trail loop and the green trail west of the powerline. This area will remain CLOSED for 2-3 months while invasive primarily black locust trees are cut and removed.

Please view the interactive trail map to see the tree removal locations. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this management work, please contact Stewardship Director, Joel Hecht at 518-456-0655 or