Two hikers in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve
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Over 20 miles of multi-use trails meander through pine barrens, over sand dunes and through forests and ravines.  Hikers can explore a loop trail or a through trail from any of the 12 official trailheads in the preserve.

Get There!

Hike around the ADA accessible .2 mile trail at the Discovery Center.  This trail provides a great opportunity to learn about the preserve through interpretive signage and offers a glimpse into the unique ecology of the preserve.  Take a short detour (800 feet) on the blue trail to reach the overlook and views to the Helderberg Escarpment and Catskill Mountains.

Download the trail map


A nice moderate loop, due primarily to the length and the few dune climbs, is the Yellow Trail at Karner Barrens.  This trail is 2.9 miles from begining to end.  It is a nice 1.5 hour to 2 hour walk, depending on your speed.

Trail Map of Karner Barrens

While most of the trails in the Preserve are easy to moderate a few longer trails give you a bit of a work-out.  Try the new Truax trail!  Start at the Discovery Center located at 195 New Karner Road Albany, NY 12205.  Head out onto the Blue Loop from the trailhead behind the Discovery Center.  Take a sharp right from the kiosk and walk along Route 155 on the trail for approximately .5 miles.  Take a right onto the Truax Trail (Green) and follow the trail through the Truax Barrens up to the Kings Highway Barrens.  One way is 2.1 miles to the Kings Highway Barrens.  

Download the Truax Trail map

Or try the purple trail starting at Madison Avenue Extension and ending at the Hunger Kill Barrens.  This 3.7 mile (one way) trail crosses several steep ravines.  You'll need to download two trail maps for this section.

1. Hunger Kill Barrens Trail Map

2. Madison Avenue Pinelands Trail Map




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Albany Pine Bush Preserve

195 New Karner Road

Albany, NY 12205