Community Outreach Volunteer

Community Outreach Volunteers help to promote a greater public understanding of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve by serving as official representatives at external and internal events. These volunteers will set up, staff, and tear down Albany Pine Bush displays at events. During the event, they will share knowledge about the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission and Discovery Center, Friends of the Pine Bush Community, programming, volunteer and recreational opportunities, the preserve’s ecology, management, history, and rules and regulations. They will initiate discussions, listen to concerns and questions, share promotional materials, and track visitor attendance at the table. Pre-event responsibilities include event-related communication with the Volunteer & Community Engagement Specialist (VCES); stocking print materials; retrieving and loading of supplies; and transporting these materials and set up at the event location. Post-event responsibilities include tear-down, loading, transport, unloading and returning all event materials, in addition to completing internal event reports.


Community Outreach Volunteers will help to promote the preserve’s recreational, educational, volunteer and special event opportunities by delivering trail maps, program guides, flyers and other promotional materials to libraries, museums, hotels, and other organizations in the Capital Region of New York.


These volunteers are also invited to assist at Albany Pine Bush Preserve Special Events including Lupine Fest, Smokey Bear Day, and Night at the Discovery Center.


Experience as an educator or with public speaking is helpful but not required. This volunteer position is supervised by the VCES. Required training and all outreach materials will be provided.


• Initiate conversations with members of the public as they encounter the Albany Pine Bush Preserve table at events
• Use conversations to share recreational, educational, and volunteer opportunities at the preserve
• Use conversations to leave the public with a greater appreciation for the unique natural and cultural attributes of the Albany Pine Bush
• Interact with the public in a friendly educational capacity, providing information about the Discovery Center, programming, volunteer and recreational opportunities, the preserve’s ecology, history, land management, and rules and regulations
• Listen to concerns and questions from the public. If the volunteer is comfortable answering the question(s), provide an answer, and if not, re-direct the question(s) to staff members if applicable.
• Collect attendance data during event
• Correspond with VCES regarding event scheduling, post-event reporting, and outreach material delivery
• Pre-event preparation: assess and stock publication supplies, retrieve and load event supplies from the Discovery Center; transport and set-up event materials at the event destination
• Post-event responsibilities: complete internal event reports; tear-down, load, transport, unload, and return event materials to the Discovery Center in a timely manner
• Deliver promotional materials to locations within the Capital Region
• Assist with Discovery Center special events (Lupine Fest, Smokey Bear Day, Night at the Discovery Center, and others)
• Continually enhance personal knowledge of the Pine Bush through the use of field guides, internet resources, Pine Bush reference materials, and attendance at free preserve programming


• Excellent interpersonal skills and a positive, outgoing attitude
• Reliable, punctual, and professional conduct
• Willingness to initiate and engage in frequent conversations with members of the public
• Flexible schedule
• Reliable transportation that can accommodate a folding table, chairs, display case, and rolling cart
• Ability to lift and handle heavy items, including a folding table, chairs, display case, and rolling cart
• Ability to effectively communicate with visitors of all ages
• Ability to work with minimal supervision
• Experience as an educator or public speaking preferred but not required
• Complete pre-training volunteer orientation (approximately 2 hours)
• Complete position-specific training with VCES
• Minimum commitment of 4 events per year, in addition to delivering outreach materials to at least 6 locations twice per year
• Background checks will be conducted for all volunteers



Date Posted: 12-16-2019

Expire Date: Open until filled

Contact Name: Jodi Nash

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