Pitch pine-oak forest
Pitch pine-oak forest
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Pitch Pine-Oak Forest

Pitch pine-oak forests contain many of the same species as pitch pine-scrub oak barrens but with greater than 60% tree cover. Dominant tree species are pitch pine (Pinus rigida), white oak (Quercus alba), red oak (Q. rubra) and scarlet oak (Q. coccinea). The shrub and herbaceous layers may be sparse. Pitch pine-oak forests occur when burned less frequently than would be necessary to maintain pitch pine-scrub oak barrens or pitch pine-scrub oak thickets. Large areas of pitch pine-oak forests in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve are thought to be the result of past agricultural disturbance (e.g. plowing).



Pitch pine-oak forest Quick Facts:

• More than 60% tree cover
• Sparse herbaceous cover