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Land Protection

Help protect more land in the Pine Bush!

The Albany Pine Bush is the sole remaining undeveloped portion of a pine barrens that once covered over 40 square miles and is one of the best remaining examples of an inland pitch pine-scrub oak barrens ecosystem in the world.

Since 1988 with the creation of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission, over 3,350 acres have been permanently protected.

However, more remains to be done. Our goal is to help the Commission protect an additional 1,700 acres in order to best assure the viability of the ecosystem.

In order to take advantage of opportunities to add to the preserve the Friends has added land protection to its ongoing goals. In some cases the Commission itself cannot directly acquire land, for example where back taxes are owed. Luckily, it can be done through a Friends’ partnership with the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy.

Any funds you donate specifically to this cause are put in a special reserved account so that we are always ready to help acquire land. Your contributions to this program are completely tax deductible.

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We've helped protect four parcels of land in the last 24 months.

Your contributions to this program are completely tax deductible.


Richard Naylor

Friends of the Pine Bush Community