BirdWatching Magazine Highlights the Pine Bush

April 13, 2020

Read about how our preserve saves a butterfly — and lots of birds, too.

By Neil Gifford, Conservation Director

It’s a privilege to work with smart and talented people to protect and manage the Pine Bush Preserve. Many of those people are the preserve volunteers and staff, the scientists, managers and educators that work collectively to improve the health of this globally-rare ecosystem, rebuild wildlife populations and make the preserve an enjoyable and safe place to visit and learn.

Last year Amanda Dillon and I also had the privilege of working with a free-lance science journalist Cheryl Lyn Dybas, and wildlife photographer Ilya Raskin, to bring some of the wonder and beauty of the preserve, and our collective conservation work, to a wider audience. Cheryl and Ilya’s article was recently published in BirdWatching magazine, and is linked below. We hope you enjoy it. In coming weeks many parts of the preserve will again be resplendent with blooming lupine and a symphony of bird song.

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