The Karner blue

February 04, 2020

The US Fish & Wildlife Service recently released the new Karner blue butterfly 5-Year Status Review!

By Neil Gifford, Conservation Director

According to the report, the service is not recommending a status change from endangered for the species at this time. Of note, the Albany Pine Bush Kbb population is one of only 4 sites, among 29 nationwide, that have met all federal recovery criteria.

Here is the "synthesis" from the Review: "The KBB should continue to remain listed as endangered because, since the species was listed, it has been extirpated from recovery units in Minnesota and Indiana. Additionally, although some populations have demonstrated some improvement, others have remained low or are demonstrating a decline. In addition, the KBB has been found to be highly sensitive to both direct and indirect climate change impacts. Other threats present at the time of listing, such as loss of habitat due to natural succession, lack of management, invasive species and commercial, industrial and residential development, also continue to persist for the species." USFWS, MN/WI Field Office.

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