Farnsworth Middle School Butterfly Station

A train once stopped in the middle of the Pine Bush. People from around the world would come to this spot to walk through the Pine Bush and look at the many wonderful butterflies. The stop came to be known as “Butterfly Station.”

The Butterfly Station at Farnsworth Middle School hopes to once again bring people into this beautiful and globally rare ecosystem. The Butterfly Station is a student-run community service program designed to make the school a center for the ecological restoration of our community.

A place where education and fun go hand-in-hand, students learn by sharing and teaching. Young and old enjoy the beauty of the butterflies and the gardens. But most of all, everyone learns to appreciate their own natural community.

Pine Bush Project
In 1995, the Pine Bush Project began at Farnsworth Middle School. The program was designed to empower children and allow them to make a real difference in the world around them. It started with one seventh grade teacher and 100 students.  Learn more about the Pine Bush Project in Farnsworth Middle School

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